Training is not just for dogs that may have 'issues'. Training is a fun way for you and your dog to bond. At Hotdogs K9, we believe in making training fun and informative, working your dog mentally is as important to your dogs wellbeing as the physical aspect of training. Hotdogs K9 training is a great place for you to learn more about nutrition, health, grooming and much more, plus it's a fun place to meet other like minded people, training should be a fun learning experience for you as well as your dog.
Whatever your training needs, Hotdogs K9 has the right training solution for you. All training can be tailored to your specific requirements.
121 Training
121 classes are suitable for behavioural issues such as dog to dog reactiveness, people aggession etc.. 121 training can also be helpful with recall issues, loose lead walking, dealling with distraction issues and much more. After your initial consultation your instructor will assess your requirements and tailor each session around your individual needs.
Puppy/ Junior & Adult Group Classes
Hotdogs K9 hold group classes for all ages. These classes cover a vast array of training skills including eye contact, loose lead walking, recall, sit & down stay, self control and much more. Your instructor will take time to explain each step of the training method, keeping you and your dog involved in all aspects of training. Classes are designed to help build a strong bond between you and your dog . This is an important aspect in owning a dog and shows responsible dog ownership. Group Classes are a fun learning experience for you and your dog. 
K9 Sports Class
Our K9 sports class is designed to be fun for you and your dog, helping create a strong bond of trust, the class involves many aspects of working trials such as agility, searching & tracking, send away and a higher level of obedience. 
Intermediate/Advanced Class
This class is for the more experienced handler with a good level of obedience. We cover many different types of skills including:
Agility, obedience and scent work
Intensive Class
On occassions we hold half/day classes focusing on various training skills such as: 
Whistle Training
Introduction to K9 Sports
First Aid
Due to popular demand, Hotdogs K9 have introduced a fun agility lesson to it's schedule.
This Fun class is designed to improve your dog's confidence encountering different objects and to help them over come any fears they may have with strange and different obstacles.
Most of all its FUN