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Welcome to HDK9 Training

Hotdogs K9 is a fun and friendly club.
 Dog's of all ages, breeds and abilities can enjoy training in a friendly and fun environment.                        
We offer a range of classes to suit you and your dog.
Whether your dog has a specific problem that you would like help with or
you just want to understand and have fun with your dog, Hotdogs K9 Training is the place for you. 
We are here to help any dog, no matter the breed, size or age of the dog.
Hotdogs K9 teach in 'the real world'. Training takes place outside with all the natural distractions, sights and smells you and your dog encounter daily.  
   Hotdogs K9 Training is a full time independent club offering you the best for you and your dog.
Weekdays we Offer:
Doggy Daycare
Dog Walking
121 Training
All day Saturday:
Group Classes
With over 12yrs experience caring for and training dogs we have 'Real World' experience you can trust. 
Hotdogs K9 are Fully Insured and put your dogs needs first. 
Hotdogs K9 are the only Dog Training Club in Cornwall to have been granted permission to have a dedicated
Training Area at The Royal Cornwall Showground with it's own large secure outdoors facility 6 days a week. 
Call: 07702 831574 for details